Machine and Plant Engineering

Machine and plant engineering is a success factor for export performance. Nevertheless, international market opportunities also entail the control of complex and multi-faceted requirements. In this context, the consequent development of modular product architectures ensures the manufacturer’s gross profit in the long run.     
  • How do we apply consequent modularization and reutilization to avoid high engineering costs?
  • How do we create modularization despite increasing software and mechatronics?
  • How do we protect our intellectual property considering the increasing performance of suppliers from BRIC markets?
  • How do we achieve optimal variant management and complexity reduction? 
As we have been a consulting partner for companies in machine and plant engineering for many years, we maintain a network with trade associations. Our customers include leading companies in the fields of drive technologies, construction equipment, mining, pressure, power generation, transmissions, hydraulics, packaging, tools and wind power.

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Adi Stahuber