All over the world, the aviation industry seeks to increase the revenue per available seat-kilometer (RASK) and decrease the cost of available seat-kilometer (CASK). The branch is constantly working to make aircrafts more and more productive. OEMs are required to deliver suitable and reliable aircrafts – this is how capacities and revenues are increased, while the costs of operation are decreased, e.g. through fuel combustion and maintenance.      
  • How do we regulate the increasing customization – particularly as differentiation in the cabin leads to growing complexity?
  • How do we confront unacceptably long processing times and avoid long and costly final assemblies?
  • How are product innovations introduced – considering cost and weight optimization in the early phase of product development?
  • How can we as suppliers create product differentiation on the part of our customers – while using the module library at the same time?  
ID-Consult has been engaged in the aviation industry as a partner for many years. Our customers appreciate branch know-how and our knowledge of the special needs of OEMs and airlines. Our expertise and METUS method is also used to design and arrange concept competitions.

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Adi Stahuber