The automotive industry is currently registering the strongest growth in the last 15 years. At the same time, there is a substantial need for investment in the development of new models and drive technologies. As the industry is becoming more and more complex due to increasing variant diversity and the occupation of new niches, it is confronted with a number of great challenges.
If companies want to positively participate in this complex and dynamic growth trend, they need to ask themselves several decisive questions:           
  • Which products of which localization rate are required to reach the customers of new sales markets? What does an optimal portfolio of drive technologies look like? 
  • Which platform or modular strategy enables the reutilization of elements and design principles, therefore leading to a shorter time to market?
  • What does the new markets’ local infrastructure look like in terms of development and production capacities? How can we optimize our engineering footprint?
ID-Consult shows a positive track record of many years in the conception and implementation of module libraries, product modularizations, and programs to reduce complexity.

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Adi Stahuber