METUS® Plug-In for Siemens Teamcenter

Integration into PLM.

METUS helps you to master the early phase of product development. When it comes to design, though, you will need PLM systems. A perfect symbiosis.

Therefore, we have worked with BCT Technology AG to tie METUS® to the leading PLM solution Teamcenter by Siemens PLM Software.

With the help of the METUS-Teamcenter interface, product information can be exchanged and synchronized between METUS and Teamcenter. So you can transfer functions and requirements from Teamcenter into METUS. METUS will then visualize and optimize the product data which in turn can be transferred back into Teamcenter in its revised version.
You can also use METUS to analyze existing product architectures regarding their functional configurations or market requirements. Another option is to model requirement configurations in METUS and import these into Teamcenter requirements management.

The METUS-Teamcenter interface is able to exchange the following data between METUS and Teamcenter and vice versa:
  • lists of products and components
  • product attributes such as product material or product name
  • requirement configurations, function configurations and all other configurations used in Teamcenter (engineering, component lists, assembly parts lists, flow charts etc.)
  • information about the connection of items such as links and trace links
Within Teamcenter, data can be filtered out before transferring to METUS, to prevent it from being used where not wanted. After having been optimized in METUS, these improved configurations can be synchronized into Teamcenter again.

With the help of flexible mapping, the individual Teamcenter data model can be assigned to the METUS table definitions:
  • Teamcenter elements/items <=> METUS table elements
  • Teamcenter attributes <=> METUS attributes
  • Teamcenter configurations <=> METUS configurations
  • Teamcenter relations <=> METUS relations
To get an overview of the possibilities, see the following videos:

METUS To Teamcenter

METUS to Teamcenter

This soundless video shows the transfer and synchronization of the requirements, functions and product configurations - including the interdependencies (trance links) - from METUS into Teamcenter!

Teamcenter Metus Optimization
Teamcenter METUS Optimization

This soundless video shows the import of Teamcenter-data into METUS. Simple and easy.

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Dr. Jan Göpfert
Managing Director
Marco van Meegen
Software Engineering