Project work

Our daily work takes place in project teams – rich in variety, extremely exciting and quite entertaining.

Rich in variety because no two projects are the same. Each task is just as different and individual as our customers and their challenges are. A project may last for a month or a year. It may involve 4 or 112 team members. In any case, it does not take long for our consultants to get to know many different companies.
Consultancy is “people business”. In no other profession but consultancy services, people work together as closely with such a huge number of individuals. In this context, a project team is comprised of consultants by ID-Consult and employees of our customer, sometimes complemented by external service providers.

Extremely exciting because our projects make it possible to quickly grant our employees responsibility. Some call it “being plunged in at the deep end”, others would call it an extremely exciting environment you can be a part of and  make a difference in. It is day-to-day business for our employees to sit in a meeting room with senior managers and executives.
Quite entertaining because project business always comes straight to the point. Our customers initiate projects when the shoe starts pinching. This means that problems need to be solved as soon as possible. Especially when projects are launched by higher hierarchical levels, project progress requirements are immense. Often it does not take long after project kick-off for the first milestone to be delivered. As consultants, this means that we quickly provide extraordinary results, gain experiences in no time and never stop learning.   

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Prof. Dr. Florian Kauf