Implementing Innovations

There is no time like the present to ...

Identify and select beneficial ideas. Convert them into innovation projects. And promote them continuously.

No, we never put anything off till tomorrow. Because the sooner you begin to implement valuable ideas, the more successful your budget is allocated.

We strengthen the management of your innovation portfolio. And beef up your innovation culture.
Our approach uses clearly structured processes and effective controlling tools:     

Idea Management

The creativity you find in your company is your capital. It is imperative to select, assess and follow up on ideas. We establish a clearly structured, systematic process to achieve this goal.

The assessment criteria are adapted to your needs. In the future, you will be able to use your new idea database to take advantage of already existing approaches and avoid any costly redundant development.

In this context, we gladly develop a network between idea and patent management – particularly relevant with regard to invention disclosure.

Innovation Roadmapping

We work sustainably. You too. In the manufacturing industry, this primarily means targeted planning of resources. Targeted planning, however, requires you to understand how relevant technologies, processes, products and target markets interact. ID-Consult helps you to examine present and future market opportunities.

Our own software METUS is able to depict the innovation roadmap and establish a connection to your individual product architecture. This is how your resources are best concentrated on products, product platforms or functionalities.

Feasibility Studies

Most innovation failures could have been prevented by feasibility studies. ID-Consult is experienced in conducting feasibility studies and uses them to protect customers from investing into non-viable research and development projects.

We work closely with experts of each company. The results are concrete, practice-oriented recommendations and alternative solutions.

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Dr. Gerhard Tretow
Managing Director