Generating ideas

Where can I find creative potential?

In your company – and our team will help yours to dig it up. Together we will reveal a treasure chest that is filled with good ideas. Sometimes even brilliant ones. In addition, we use our open innovation tools to explore ideas outside of your company. This is how your future products will come into existence.

You have a goal. We have the tools to reach it:

Open Innovation

Creativity is found everywhere: also in customers, users and partners. We use various tools to integrate this creative potential into your innovation process.
One of our key elements in achieving this goal is the Lead-User-Method which entails innovation workshops with carefully selected external lead users. Such an approach opens up new perspectives to requirements, problems and possible solutions within your product portfolio. This is how we were able to find solutions with significant performance and cost advantages for our customers.    

Innovation Workshops

Your greatest potential for innovation is already sitting in your offices. Across all areas of activity and business units, we arrange innovation workshops with your innovative and creative employees. Together we hunt down those subjects that are capable of making your products and processes even more innovative and successful. Then we convert the results into a structured process of assessing and selecting ideas. In consequence, you get concrete recommendations on which ideas should find their way in which priority in into your (pre-) development process.    

Patent Screening

ID-Consult analyzes technology areas that are relevant to your business. Discover the subjects which your competitors have decided to protect with patents and the main focus of their patent activities.  Which teams of inventors are essential for your competitors? Which technologies are actively promoted by other market players?
Would you like to understand how the patents of a competitor influence your own product architecture? We make it possible. Our METUS IP Map keeps an eye on your own and your competitors’ intellectual property rights. Find out more here.

Technology Scouting

We identify and assess all available technological solutions and screen the most attractive technologies for your purpose. In consequence, we discover approaches to solve problems drawn from analogous markets and utilize them for your innovation portfolio. Would you like to know where technology development is headed in your key business fields? We develop a technology radar precisely customized to your company’s technological priorities.

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